Canadian Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement


Intellectual property crime affects rights holders and content creators in all four corners of the globe. This extends from the production and distribution of filmed entertainment, to the marketing and sale of digitized music, video games, and specialty software applications that drive engineering and similar business enterprise.

Digital publishers are routinely deprived of revenue streams which are vital to the economic health of their respective industries. As internet based asset distribution continues to expand its virtual reach, erosion within the marketplace continues to grow at an exponential rate as a direct result of piracy, theft, and counterfeiting.

If everyone knows it is wrong, why are they still doing it? Because it is perceived as a victimless crime. You, as the rights holder, know this is not true but do not know it is happening nor how to stop it. And that is where we come in.

Operating from our technology hub in Montreal, Canada, Canipre provides service in all aspects of internet based anti-piracy. We have adapted to the evolution of online threats since 2007; as individuals, our team possesses a robust enforcement history, having achieved success for our clients across multiple jurisdictions. We exceed the standard in detection, response, evidence collection, and reporting.

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